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Top 8 Kids Camping Movies

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Camping is a great way to bond with the kids and to get them outdoors and exercising. But what happens when the weather simply won't cooperate? Inevitably, campers need to retreat indoors and it is up to the adults to find ways to keep the wee ones' camping spirit up. Showing camping movies will keep the camping going even if they are indoors.

We have compiled 8 of our favorite camping movies to keep everyone entertained, from family flicks to teen movies:

RV (Runaway Vacation)


Bob Munro - Robin Williams
Jamie Munro - Cheryl Hines
Cassie Munro - Joanna Levesque (singer Jojo)
Carl Munro - Josh Hutcherson
Travis Gornicke - Jeff Daniels
Mary Jo Gornicke - Kristin Chenoweth
Todd Mallory - Will Arnett


The whole Munro family was scheduled for a Hawaiian Holiday when Bob's boss, Todd, suddenly assigns him to attend a business deal in Colorado. Not wanting to disappoint his family, Bob plans a family RV trip to Colorado whilst masking the real reason for the trip. During the trip, they encounter numerous mishaps and accidents that threatened to not only ruin their trip but also reveal Bob's real intentions of going to Colorado. One such encounter is meeting the Gornickes, a traveling family that seemed to be strange company.

Stand By Me


Gordon "Gordie" Lachance - Wil Wheaton
Christopher "Chris" Chambers - River Phoenix
Teddy Duchamp - Corey Feldman
The Writer (older Gordie LaChance narrating the movie) – Richard Dreyfuss


The movie is based on Stephen King's novel The Body. The movie is narrated by an older Gordie LaChance and is made out to be a memoir of his youth spent with his two best friends Chris and Corey.

The three boys set out on an adventure to find the dead body of a boy named Ray Brower, a youth killed by a train. A coming of age story that illustrates the troubles and adventures that comes with growing up.

Anyone can relate with the emotions of the characters in this movie. Parental guidance is advised.

The Great Outdoors


Roman Craig - Dan Aykroyd
Kate Craig - Annette Bening
Chet Ripley - John Candy
Connie Ripley - Stephanie Faracy


The Great outdoors is a family friendly comedy about a much anticipated getaway vacation crashed by annoying in-laws. The in-laws are your typical successful 80's yuppies that make sure everyone knows how better off they are. Tensions build as two families that are the exact opposite of each other try to enjoy their holiday and stay optimistic despite constant conflicts.



Bill Murray -Tripper Harrison
Kate Lynch -Roxanne
Harvey Atkin - Morty Melnick


Tripper is the wacky head camp counselor determined to give each and every camper a good time. One camper though, Rudy Gerner, is a rather lonely and a very shy kid that has trouble getting along with the other campers. His being an outcast gives Tripper a tough time trying to make him have fun and fit in with the other kids. As Tripper helps Rudy with his confidence, Rudy in turn helps Tripper with his love life.

The plot may sound like a drama but Meatballs is a light-hearted screwball comedy aimed at teens.

The Parent Trap


Hallie Parker and Annie James - Lindsay Lohan
Nick Parker - Dennis Quaid
Elizabeth James - Natasha Richardson


Annie James and Hallie Parker are twins separated at birth. Annie grew up in London with her mother, Elizabeth James, a famous wedding gown designer. Hallie was raised by her father, Nick Parker, in Napa Valley where they had a very wealthy vineyard.

The twins accidentally meet at summer camp and there they discovered that they were identical twins. Wanting to meet the other parent whom one has not yet met, the two girls switch places.

Camp Nowhere


Morris 'Mud' Himmel - Jonathan Jackson
Dennis Van Welker - Christopher Lloyd
Neil Garbus - John Putch


Camp Nowhere is a mischievous movie about kids who hate summer camp and plot to deceive their parents to avoid being sent to one. Mud Himmel, along with his friends, are facing another summer of what they call “boring summer camp”. They plot to trick their parents to send them to a fake summer camp that parents are not allowed to visit. With the help of their drama teacher, they are determined to make their parents believe that their fake camp is genuine.

Heavy Weights


Pat Finley - Tom McGowan
Gerald 'Gerry' Garner - Aaron Schwartz
Tony Perkiss - Ben Stiller


Tony Perkiss, a fitness entrepreneur, bought out a weight loss camp for kids. He plans to make the camp the top weight loss infomercial in the US by vowing to succeed in making each kid lose weight. The kids, who once enjoyed the camp are now terrorized with Perkiss's psychotic exercise regimens and diets.



Bert - Don Dixon
Vlad Baumann - Daniel Letterle
Ellen Lucas - Joanna Chilcoat


A musical set in a musical-theatre camp in upstate New York. This teenage film is centered on several personal stories of teens from different walks of life. This is a movie of growing up and the coming of age of several young misfits who found their true selves in summer camp.

Parental guidance is advised.

These 8 kid friendly movies will not only entertain your little ones but will help cultivate a greater sense of environmental responsibility. So microwave the popcorn, get the sodas ready and curl up on the couch with your kids to go green on the silver screen!

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