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Candy filled pumpkin
Treats, the best part of Halloween!

There's a nip in the air and the leaves are turning. Yes, it's that time of the year again, the time to unleash your inner "spirit". It's Halloween! If you're planning on traveling this Halloween weekend and have never stayed at a campground during Halloween, you might be curious as to how it all works. Fear not, the classic trick or treating ritual is alive and well at many campgrounds. Let us help you prep for some trick or treat camping.

The first order of business is finding campgrounds that are hosting Halloween activities. A good place to start is our article on Top campgrounds and RV parks for Halloween, which lists the best campground Halloween celebrations and activities. Or run a campground search for campgrounds in your desired city to see if they have posted any Halloween related information on their page. If not you can always give them a call.

Once you've locked in your campground you're going to need to figure out a costume - or at least costumes for the children. Depending where you live, nights in late October can be quite chilly, so whether it's a store-bought costume or home-made, make sure it's warm enough for the kids and has no dangling pieces that they could trip or fall over. Prior to your arrival at the campground you should call ahead of time and ask about the particulars of trick or treating. For example you can ask them how they go about letting you know which RVers are participating in Trick or Treat. When you arrive at the campground you can ask again at the front desk and write down which sites are trick or treat friendly. At least one adult should accompany them on their rounds. Another tip to stay safe is to have the kids wear something that glows in the dark, like a neon bracelet or glow-in-the-dark shoes so they can be easily spotted. Arm them with a flashlight, just in case.

Another great way to celebrate Halloween and get the kids excited and involved is to get together with your fellow RVers/campers and choose a theme to decorate your sites and RVs. Inexpensive, homemade paper decorations and Christmas lights are great options, and can be brought from home. Costume parties are also easy to organize and great fun for the kids. You can make the party potluck, having each camper bring a dish. As a trick or treating host be sure to carry lots of candy for your visitors.

One final idea is pumpkin-carving contest. This classic Halloween tradition will bring out the artist in your child and will occupy quite a lot of their time - always a good thing! If you have concerns about safety make it a pumpkin painting contest (but be prepared for quite a cleanup). You can gather around a roaring bonfire after the pumpkin carving or painting and vote on the best pumpkin and swap ghost stories. If the campground includes them, be sure to jump on a haunted Hayride. Your children will be telling their friends about it for weeks!

With all these ideas and activities, we're sure you and your family will have a horrifically fun Halloween! Trick or treat!!!

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