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Are We There Yet? Ways to Entertain Kids on a Road Trip

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Little girl play driving in a carA road trip is a great bonding experience for the whole family, but for the littlies too young to occupy themselves with their iPhone it could soon turn into the vacation you'll want to forget. Here are a few tips to help keep the kids (and even teenagers) busy, happy and more quiet!

In the Car or RV

Provide personal backpacks. Every child likes to keep their possessions separate from those of others, so why don't you help them prepare a backpack that is filled with fun and yummy goodies. Supply materials and food items which are suitable to each child's age and tastes. Print out Sudoku's, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, etc, to help save on costs and for the little ones; label each item of snack food with a destination point, that you will pass, to prevent all the snacks disappearing within the first hour!

Play games. Having fun does not only apply to children, join in on the excitement and encourage the bonding experience. Games such as: road bingo, scavenger hunt, alphabet games, I-spy and memory, are great time fillers that can last a few days and can be replayed for each town or state you pass.

Have solo time. Intended for parents to have time to themselves, encourage the children to read their books, magazines, watch the portable DVD player, or listen to their personal music by means of earphones.

Break Stops

Get active. During the rest stops, allow your children to run around. This way when they get back into your vehicle, they will be more tired and more likely to be calm or to sleep. Bring a ball and join in the fun!

Write. At most stops, allow your children to pick out postcards and suggest to them to write to their friends or grandparents. If they haven't finished tell them to keep working on it in the car or RV.

Have photo fun. Bring out the creative side from your children by purchasing kid safe digital cameras and let them take photos while on your trip. Try giving them photo themes along the way - a great way to relive the memories.

Meal Times

Limit intake. To prevent your children from becoming overstimulated and highly active, reduce the amount of sugar intake they receive from their meals. Limit the types of dessert options, provide nutritional food and avoid the soft drinks. This advice will come in handy especially after dinner when there is still driving ahead and you desperately would like your children to sleep instead of bouncing off the walls!

By preparing ahead and following our suggestions, long road trips should become a lot of fun for everyone and create great family memories!

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