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Green Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving spread
Thanksgiving can be an enjoyable and environmentally responsible experience

Thanksgiving is a special time, a celebration, a three day feast to give thanks for surviving the first winter in America only by the generosity of the native people who lived nearby.
Why not make it Eco friendly as well. Here are seven ideas for making your Thanksgiving greener:

1. Only buy as much as you need. We all tend to buy far too much and have lots left over. Plan meals before shopping, taking stock of what you already have and whether you’ll have the time or inclination to cook. Make a detailed grocery list and stick to it, avoiding impulse buys. Invite the neighbors to join you, get together with others on your campsite ask everyone to bring a dish each as its great fun seeing what everyone brings. Share your leftovers so it is not wasted and you are not eating it for ever!!

2. Try not to travel, if you must, use less fuel and lower your emissions by car pooling if possible and making sure your vehicle is in good working order.

3. Use cloth napkins that can be washed and reused. You can buy recyclable plastic glasses and biodegradable or bamboo disposable dishes or even paper plates, but if you use your normal plates and glasses there is no recyclable waste.

4. Try and buy local grown produce which is good for your health and the environment. It tastes better than food grown to be packaged for maximum shelf life and it requires less fuel to reach the store shelves. Use only organic food which is Eco friendly, fruits vegetables and grains without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

5. Buy organic meat and poultry which is produced without antibiotics and artificial hormones.

6. If you buy packaged food make sure all the packaging is able to be recycled. Don’t forget when shopping make sure you use your cloth shopping bag not plastic supermarket ones.

7. Why not make your own decorations, fresh foliage especially if in autumn colors looks fantastic. Make decorations by folding colored paper these can all be recycled after use it is so satisfying seeing something you have made yourself.

Above all have a wonderful Eco Thanksgiving with family and friends it is a great togetherness holiday.

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