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The TailGator - A blender you can take anywhere

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Tailgate parties surely are fun, a fantastic celebration of an American tradition that revolves around football, food, alcohol and camaraderie. For so many decades, people gathered outside sports stadiums, grilling meats, toasting alcohol and cheering for their teams as they listened to the game on the radio. Common beverages served at tailgate parties were soda, beer and liquor.

In 1998, 2 tailgate enthusiasts felt that tailgate parties needed some jazzing up, and they knew exactly what was lacking: a blender that can be brought out to prepare mixed drinks like margaritas, daiquiris and coladas. This tandem of tailgating engineers put their brains together and came up with the ingenious TailGator.

Dubbed as "The Original Portable Gas-Powered Blender... With an Attitude!", the TailGator packs punch in its measly 10-pound weight. It features a fierce-looking green-colored alligator casing, a 25cc 2-stroke engine and a 48-ounce detachable plastic pitcher. The TailGator´s powerful engine can thoroughly blend a whole pitcher of iced, fruity and alcoholic beverages in just 15 seconds. It operates on gas and is fully economical, too. A gallon of gas whips 6,500 servings of margarita, maybe more than you will ever need at one tailgating party. Its 100% portability allows users to tote the blender anywhere, perfect for when you want to hop from one stadium to another. It is perfect not only for tailgate parties, but also for picnics, camping and RV trips, fishing trips and probably any outdoor activity.

The TailGator can be ordered at the company´s website for $359.95, which already comes with a carrying case. Watch a video the TailGator Blender in action.

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