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Take the BBQ for a spin

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New type of BBQ that rotates over a campfire
Take the BBQ for a spin

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a camper at an Australian campground? Let's give you a little insight...

Bloke 1: "Oi mate, chuck another shrimp on the barby I'm starvin'"

Bloke 2: "No worries...ah crikey, the barbys cactus mate, she aint gona cook to well on ere, we'll have to get the backup barby out mate."

Translation needed? Didn't think so! BBQ's are a universal language appreciated by every man, woman, child and furry animal. But before you fire up your grill this Summer, take a hint from the land down under. The Aussies have turned the traditional BBQ on its head and taken it (literally) for a spin!

The problem with traditional campfire BBQs is that you can't turn a campfire up or down (unlike a stove). This is where the Auspit BBQ does its magic. By pivoting the spit bar, BBQ lovers get control over the temperature and exposure to convected and radiant heat. At less than 20 pounds it can easily be thrown in the back of the car or your RV, and pulled out to make other "old school" RVers jealous!

This little baby cooks almost anything...but soup! Have a look:

A couple more tips for that perfect campfire BBQ meal:

  • DO NOT cook over the direct flame. Indirect heat is your friend. Whether cooking over an open fire or with charcoal, try to build a ring of fire around your meal or to one side. Be sure that your "heat real estate" extends beyond that of the meal to ensure that you are getting enough heat to the outside edges.
  • DO use soaked smoking wood chips for additional smokey flavor when cooking over charcoal.
  • DO NOT let your fire die out. Remember to recharge your charcoal or wood every 30-40 minutes to be sure you consistently have enough heat throughout the cooking process.
  • DO be sure that the meal is well-balanced on the rotisserie spit bar prior to kicking off the spin party.
  • DO use a meat thermometer to determine when your meal is done as exterior appearance can be deceptive.

For recipes from garlic prawns, smoke-roasted asparagus, beef in perfect marinade to baked apples and pears, have a look at the Auspit BBQ recipe section. Want more flavor? Try using dry cured natural cut timber. Each type of wood produces varying degrees of smoke strength.

  • Strong full flavor: Mesquite, redgum, jarrah, karri, messmate.
  • Medium flavor: yellowbox, ironbark, peppermint gum, hickory.
  • Subtle flavor: wattle, blackwood, pine, cypress.
  • Twists of flavor: any fruit trees e.g. apricot, cherry etc.

When you've impressed your camp mates with theatrics and a delicious meal, put on your Crocodile Dundee voice and say "that's not a BBQ, THIS is a BBQ!" The Auspit BBQ is new, novel twist on the old campfire cookout and BBQ. Trust the Aussies to take the BBQ for a spin...and no, it doesn't spin anti clockwise in the southern hemisphere!

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