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Random Campground and Road Signs

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Campground sign that reads "Slow Children Playing"
So ... where are all the fast children playing?

Have you ever laughed to yourself after seeing a funny sign or done a double take? For this edition of the Outdoorsman we decided to put together a collection of random signs found at campgrounds or seen on road trips - for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Campground sign that reads "Dead slow, wakeless speed. If you wake someone with the noise and dust of your speed, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your arm pits"
An incentive to go very slow!
Road sign that reads "Free Showers Parking, Good Food, Pretty old waitress's"
Hope you read the fine print before pulling into this Texas truck stop!
Photo courtesy of Doreen Orion, author of Queen of the Road
Campground sign that reads "This park is not a bank. Don't let your pet leave a deposit."
No ATM here!
Campground sign that reads "When gates are closed please do not enter. If your lawyer wasn't such an ambulance chaser, our insurance agent would allow you to walk on our wet floors. We apologize for the inconvenience, notify the office if you have an emergency"
This is what happens when lawyers and insurance agents get together at a campground jamboree!
Campground sign that reads "No Parking.  The last one who parked here is still missing."
The strange case of the RV Bermuda Triangle!
Campground sign that reads "On This Site in 1897 nothing happened"
History in the making...
Campround sign that reads "Thanks for Staying With Us.  Is your antenna down?  Are you dragging part of a hose or electric cord?  Did you leave anything or anyone behind like your tow vehicle or spouse? Any person left behind will be used for winter snow removal.  No exceptions."
Divorce the RV way...
Sign that reads "Wandering Children will be given a double espresso and a free puppy to take home.  Thank you!"
Enough to scare any parent!
Falling Rocks warning sign flattened with rocks
A prophecy come true...
Photo courtesy of
Falling Rocks road sign that has been changed to "Falling in Love Rocks "
And who says romance on the road is dead?!

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