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The Colim: A New RV Concept from the Mind of Christian Susana

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Can we put the Colours Of Life In Motion? Designer Christian Susana, inspired by "a gentle, warm-hearted but cosmopolitan woman" gave it a try and created the Colim (acronym for Colours of Life in Motion). The result is a new caravan concept that combines a car, a home, and the comfort of detaching them at one's convenience in a modern vehicle design which takes advantage of smooth lines and simplicity to use space, energy, and sunlight more efficiently.

Aerodynamic lines and large windows in the sides and front give the Colim Caravan a futuristic look, like that of a spaceship's command room from a science fiction film. This nontraditional style is ideal for adventurous people who are always ready to discover what surrounds them and those who do not mind standing out on the road. Inside, the living area seems spacious and offers the flexibility of being equipped with different modules and mobile walls to cope with the needs of each particular person or adjust to different moments during a trip. For example, you can get the seating area to convert to a dining area and back in no time.

Made for two people but able to deal with a up to four, the original concept of the Colim caravan seems to be that of an eco-friendly vehicle, equipped with a hybrid engine and a solar panel on the roof. Plus, the wide windows can certainly help reducing the cost of illuminating the living area, which adds on to the vehicle's energy efficiency.

The small detachable car has space for two passengers, and the owner can leave the living element in the RV park or camp site and use the car for trips to get supplies and visit nearby attractions. Some advantages may be obvious, like fuel efficiency and easier parking in city areas, but others are probably going to be discovered if some Colims ever make it out to the real world.

Other futuristic vehicles the Colim Caravan reminds us of are the Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer, the Opera Pop Up Camper, and the Marchi Mobile EleMMent. What is great about the new concept behind the Colim caravan is how the same old elements were re-thought to get a better result. Even if we never see the Colim itself on the road, the idea seems to have a lot of potential to win many adepts. Maybe in the future users will no longer need to choose between buying a new car or getting a modern motorhome.

What do you think of Colim? Is this something you would buy?

Exterior of Colim Caravan
The future of compact RVing?
Colim Caravan - Driving component separates from the living area
Leave the living area behind as you head off to visit the local attractions
Colim Caravan Exterior Rear
Enter the living area from the rear of the caravan
Drivers cockpit inside the Colim Caravan
Drivers cockpit
Kitchen inside the Colim Caravan
Compact Kitchen
Cabover for sleeping inside the Colim Caravan
Cabover sleeping
Interior of Colim Caravan showing the toilet and seats attached to the wall for easy storage
Toilet and seats attached to the wall for easy storage

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