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Natural Wonders - Eco Friendly Ways to Clean Your RV

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Your RV is a home away from home, and just like any house it needs cleaning on a regular basis to keep it spick and span. Kitchen surfaces need a good wipe down after every meal, bathroom and shower areas regularly require attention, and don't forget that the living and sleeping area floors could do with a mop every now and then.

When it comes to RV cleaning products, supermarket and camping store shelves are full of solutions that contain ingredients that a spelling bee champ would have trouble pronouncing! Harsh chemical based cleaners can leave irritants and pungent smells that get amplified in a small space, like your RV.

Looking for a safer, non-toxic, natural alternative to use in your RV? We show you how you can get tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle to yourself and the environment. The beauty of it is that these common cleaners can be made using ingredients found on a supermarket shelf, and whipped up all in the comfort of your own RV:

RV Safe All Purpose Non-Toxic Cleaner

A perfect all purpose cleaning solution for practically all your RV surfaces - wiping down kitchen counter tops, removing soap scum from shower panels, cleaning bathroom chrome fixtures and more. Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1/8 cup baking soda into ¼ gallon water (one liter). Keep this solution in a plastic spray bottle, ready for use. Literally, just spray and wipe.

Natural Window Cleaner

With all that road tripping, RV windows can get dirty very fast. Mix one cup rubbing alcohol, one cup water, two tablespoons white vinegar. This handy glass cleaner should be kept in a spray bottle, ready for a window rub down with old newspaper or cotton cloth.

RV Floor Disinfectant

This is a good solid RV linoleum floor cleaner. Mix eight teaspoons of borax, 16 tablespoons white vinegar, one teaspoon of liquid castile soap and 12 cups of hot water. Use fresh as it cuts easily through the dirt. Best of all, you can rest assured that your pets (or even kids!) aren't licking harmful chemicals off the floor.

RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Leave your bathroom smelling spring time fresh by sprinkling some freshly squeezed lemon juice and baking soda in the bowl. Leave for 15 minutes, and give it a scrub with the toilet brush. Not only will you have a sparkling bathroom, you can bask in the knowledge that you haven't flushed more blue chemicals down into the sewer system.

RV Fridge Freshener

Fridges can be an explosion of smells waiting to escape. To avoid having to wince every time you reach for soda, just fill half a wide brim mug with baking soda. Cover the top of the mug with a coffee filter, and fasten with an elastic band. Place this natural odor eater in your RV fridge, and let nature do what it does best.

Natural Way to Absorb Cooking Odors

Love the smell of bacon? Probably not a lingering on in your clothes, couch and carpet a week after! Rather than spraying your couch down with fragrances that only mask the smell, you can prevent cooking smells from permeating through your entire RV and everything in it by simmer vinegar (just one tablespoon in a cup of water) on the stove top while cooking. Simple and effective.

Tame Scuff Marks

Ink, dirt, pencil, crayon, marker or just plain unidentified blotch can be tamed with a little baking soda applied to a damp sponge. Just rub in gently, wipe with warm water and repeat.

Whilst you are out there enjoying nature, make sure you bring a little more of the natural touch into your RV home by using homemade cleaning products. Just pour, shake, squeeze and scrub.

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