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How to Make Your Own Soda Can Camping Stove

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Camping is all about the great outdoors...and the cool gadgets! What better way to impress your buddies then making a soda can camping stove with stuff you have lying round the house. Two soda cans, sandpaper, razor blade, fiberglass and thumb tack is all it takes. Less than 10 minutes later you’ll have a flaming camping stove that weighs less than an ounce and perfect to throw in the back pack.

Add a few tablespoons of alcohol based fuel, like methylated spirits or Heet and you’ve got enough of a flame to boil water or just keep warm. Sounds pretty cool? Just follow the instructions in this two minute video to get you going.

For the skeptics out there, Want to see how your $2 stove compares to a $20 Swedish trangia military burner?

So spend a lazy Sunday afternoon making a tiny stove MacGyver would be proud of.

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