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Here's how to earn your Rewards for Reviews:
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Number 2 Find your favorite campgrounds and RV parks and post your reviews. Tell us what you really like and help others find the best places.
Number 3 We'll email you after the submission deadline, to let you know how many movie tickets you've qualified for and to find out where to snail mail them to you.

Final submissions by June 30, 2011
Tickets will be sent out in July 2011

Here's the small fine print that you need to know to qualify:

  • Your reviews should be of twenty-five words or more and meet our common sense Review guidelines
  • Every three qualifying reviews you submit using your registered account earns you a movie ticket
  • Make sure your reviews are helpful - we reserve the right to disqualify any bogus reviews
  • Reviews should be submitted between May 25 and June 30, 2011
  • Movie tickets are valid at any AMC Movie theatres in the U.S. in line with their terms and conditions
  • We have 1,000 movie tickets up for grabs, so hurry!

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