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Grandparents biking with their granddaughter
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Spend 1 million hours outside and you get a playground. Not possible you say? Grandparents.com would beg to differ.

In an effort to help grandparents connect with and enrich the lives of their grandchildren Grandparents.com has launched Go Play Outside. The program, which encourages grandparents to spend time outdoors, allows all participating grandparents to login to their account and record the number of hours spent outdoors with their grandchildren. When those participants have cumulatively reached 1 million hours of outside play time, grandparents.com will donate $10,000 (a penny for each hour logged) to KaBoom, a non-profit organization towards building a playground for kids.

Signing up for the program is the easy part. The "doing" it is a bit more challenging. Where exactly do you take your five year old granddaughter when you're an eighty year old man? And what types of activities can you both participate in and enjoy together?

Outside is a good start. But where, exactly? We suggest camping or RVing with your grandkids for the adventurous grandparents out there. You get to spend some quality time with your grandkids, away from their parents' supervision. The experience will allow you to teach them about all the outdoor pleasures that you used to enjoy during childhood. There's plenty of fun to be had while out camping.

First have a test run in your backyard to avoid any glitches. You could park up in your driveway and spend the night in the RV cubbyhouse! Once the grandkids (and you) are comfortable, venture a little further from home. Next run a SmartSearch on CampingroadTrip.com now to find campgrounds and RV parks around you. Let the little ones pick a place with you so they feel involved. En route make frequent stops for the kids to stretch their legs and shake off boredom. At the campsite, indulge in classic camping activities like stargazing, toasting s'mores and recounting ghost stories. Don't be surprised if you have a few additional guests in your tent after recounting ghoulish tales of wicked legend.

Biking, swimming and fishing are all activities your grandchildren will enjoy. Teach them about the different species of flowers, leaves and tree bark. A great way to record the memory is to help them put together a scrapbook of their adventure, complete with a few dry pressed leaves, photographs and descriptions of all that they saw and did.

Or you can leave the planning and organization to the experts and focus on having a rewarding experience with your grandchildren. Several outfits run Grandparent Camp, a camp designed for grandparents to attend along with their grandkids. In July the Foundation for Grandparenting runs the Grandparents' and Grandchildren's Summer Camp in the heart of the Adirondack mountains.

So pack your bags, bundle the grandkids in the car and head outdoors today. Not only will you get a chance to connect with your grandkids amidst the tranquility of nature, but you will be doing a good deed and helping other children as well!

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