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How RVers Can Help Others over the Holidays

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The holidays are in full swing. That means shopping for gifts, preparing family feasts, and braving snowy weather to travel to Granny's house. It easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the non-stop pace, so remember why we go to all the effort. It's about selflessness and making the people around us feel loved and appreciated. This year, consider participating in one of these festive ways and employing your RV to brighten up the holidays for those who need it most.

Many high schools put on clothing and toy drives at this time of year. Student leaders set "Fill the Bus" goals to encourage the student body to donate new or gently used items. Once their bus is full, the students can deliver their gifts to charities of their choice. Why not try the same thing with your RV? It's mobile, which means you can conveniently donate to more than one charity. Even small, inexpensive contributions add up when you get a large team working together, so spread the word about your efforts at church, at the gym, in your community center, or wherever you socialize.

Gifts, however, are not the most important part of the holidays. Being able to gather with loved ones and enjoy a rich, nourishing meal really sets the tone for a memorable Christmas or Hanukah. For those less fortunate, access to food is a greater challenge than most of us realize. It's not too late to organize a food drive or prepare a meal for those who might go hungry near you. Your RV can become a mobile food station or a convenient way to bring the holiday party with you to the campground.

Perhaps you know someone who wasn't so fortunate this year. Maybe they're lucky just to have a job, never mind getting a holiday bonus. For lots of folks, the Yuletide is looking a little grim and taking a road trip cross-country to see family may be out of the question. If you planned on taking an RV road trip for the holidays this year, ask yourself if you would be comfortable squeezing that person and his or her family in, too. Chances are likely they won't want to impose, but even the suggestion alone could raise their spirits and show them how significant they are.

Why not consider the lost art of RV caroling? It seems as though everybody loves Christmas music, so pile as many people as you can safely fit into your RV and hit the road! A modern day interpretation of the Partridge Family bus tour - everyone will stay warm in the RV, so you won't have to worry about getting cold as you cruise through the neighborhood singing to your neighbors. But just in case, pack some hot apple cider in a for the road.

RVs can be the proverbial 'vehicles' for gifts that keep on giving - to the owners, their families and friends, and sometimes even strangers! Good luck using yours to spread the goodwill and cheer. Here's hoping you have a joyful, safe holiday from all of us at CampingRoadTrip.com!

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