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How to Plan Meals for a Camping or RV Trip

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Man cooking on a camp grillThe key to having good food while on the road is not to stop off at every diner along the way, but to be prepared. Forget about the cramped quarters or the lack of household appliances that you have to work with, and keep in mind some of the following tips so that you too can eat like a king on the road, and on a tighter budget.

Before You Go

Plan Your Menus

Get out your calendar and for each day that you are away from home, create a daily meal plan - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. To help you do this, go through all your favourite meals that you have made, some that you would like to try and research new ideas from friends, cookbooks, articles on this web site or TV cooking shows.

Simplicity is Key

When choosing your meal plans remember to keep them simple. One pot meals, packet mixes, ready to eat meals and BBQs are easy and keeps cleaning to a minimum.

If you are worried about portion sizes, then don't! Take advantage of the leftovers; you can chill them in a cooler for another meal or re-use some ingredients in different meals.

Example Meals

Pot pies, mac and cheese, spaghetti, lasagne, pasta salads, casserole dishes, chilli con carne, soups, BBQ (meats, fish and vegetables), cereals, s'mores, burgers, sausages, omelettes, leftover cuts sandwiches, stews, waffles and much, much more!

Write Your Shopping List

Once you have planned your meals create a list of all the ingredients you need and materials to make them with, as well as cleaning essentials. Check out your pantry and cupboards for any items you may already have and cross them off the list. Note - do not forget to bring these items along with you!

Remember Salt, Pepper, Sauces and Dried Spices

Flavor is essential for any good meal so make it a point to bring some, just enough for your trip, in a seal-locked bag or container.

Go Shopping

With the items left over, create a new list and head to your local supermarket. Purchase the non-perishables first. The perishables such as milk, cream and certain vegetables can be acquired along the road, during your trip.

Mix, Package and Label

Just before you leave, measure out and mix up the ingredients ahead of time - allowing you more time to enjoy the outdoors. Separate and package each with labels of what they are and recommended date to be consumed. Gather up your meal plans and recipes and store them safely. Another option is to place each recipe with each meal package.

Keep all of your packages in a cool area, preferably refrigerated, to prolong the life of some of the meals.

On the Road

You are ready. Meals have been thought of, mixed, packed and stored for convenience. All you need to do now is take them out and cook them to your liking. If the occasion arises to try the local delicacies than don't hesitate, use the meal for another day and enjoy your experiences on the road. You never know, you could pick up tips and recipes that you can use on your next trip in the great outdoors!

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It seems so easy.

By Andrew66 on 6/14/2013 12:53:42 AM

One of the best things we use at home to prepack food is a vacuum sealer machine. Like the food saver. WE pack food up ahead and freeze it at home or mix all the dry ingredients in a bag then add the milk or water in it on site.

By Einar1 on 12/6/2014 3:22:40 PM

Camping in our 28 ft travel trailer on the beach in 2 weeks. Need suggestions on what foods to prepare in advance for meals since we will have no hook up. we do have a generator and grill. We will have myself my husband my daughter and her husband and two boys 13 and nine years old. We would like to minimize washing dishes and such so that we don't have to use up all our water and constantly have to replenish. We will be on the beach for four nights five days thanks in advance for any tips

By Veerock1 on 6/1/2017 4:57:55 PM
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