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Music is the Key to a Great Road Trip with the Kids

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Young girl listening to music in the park
Keep them entertained with the perfect music selection!

Road tripping to new destinations and exposing your kids to all the world has to offer is always exciting. The only challenge is that long road trips can be exhausting and boring for young children. So, how do you make the road trip just as fun as your actual getaway? You have to have the right kind of music! Here's how to customize a playlist for the road, play a little Car-i-oke, and take your favorite game show on the road.

When you're traveling with your family it can be difficult to keep everyone happy. That's why having everyone involved choosing the songs for the road trip is key. Ask everyone to make a list of the 10 songs they'd like to hear in the car. Then create a playlist on iTunes titled "Road Trip Music". Once you've added everyone's music requests you can simply download the playlist to your iPod and play the music in your car. You may need to buy an iPod connector cable, if you don't already have one, in order to listen to your iPod through your car speakers. They're very affordable and can be found at any electronics store. This playlist option emphasizes compromise, allowing each child to have their own say on the family trip without denying anyone's input.

Another great way to keep kids excited is with Car-i-oke. There are different versions that can easily be purchased online. It's fun for kids of all ages. You simply play the CD with instrumentals and read the lyrics from the included packets. There's nothing like playing "Mama Don't Allow" to drop a few subliminal messages to your kids in a sweet way! Another great song from the Car-i-oke list is "Are we there yet". Every time they start to ask "Are we there yet?" play this song. By the time its over they'll be so into their singing that they'll forget they were actually asking you a question! Bringing along a makeshift microphone (or even hairbrush and imaginary air guitar) makes the experience even more fun!

A great way to have fun with your music is to play games with the songs. For example, you could have your own road trip version of the show "Don't Forget the Lyrics". Play a song that everyone knows and press pause at a random point in the song. Then see who can remember the next five words! It seems simple, but is loads of fun when the pressure is on!

The road trip is just as important as your actual getaway! There are so many different ways to entertain your family with music, having some Von-Trapp Sound of Music fun. Remember, the key is to ensure that everyone, from the eldest to youngest, mom and dad are involved and fun is the name of the game!

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