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Spring Cleaning Your RV

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Couple spring cleaning an RV

It's that time of year again: time to bring out your sleeping RV and get ready for another exciting season! But before you back out of the driveway and head on your next voyage you have to prepare your RV. The task of spring cleaning can be a daunting one and all of the work that is necessary can seem like a hassle. But, don't fret! Spring cleaning is a first step towards your new year, it's a way to get things organized, and can even be a way to bring your family together.

Spring cleaning is all about fresh starts and looking forward to what lies ahead. It can be easy to feel like cleaning your entire RV and the work that is going to be involved will be a burden, so let your positive outlook be your motivation for getting started early. When you start to feel burdened by the task ahead think about all of the places you'll go, people you'll meet, and experiences you'll have. Make a list of the places that you want to visit and, as even more motivation, make a resolution not to do any planning until you're finished spring cleaning your RV. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to travel to new destinations to have new experiences. Travel to a place that you have been to before, but this season really take your time and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Getting organized is one of the best aspects of spring cleaning. Think about all of the times that you thought something could have been useful, but you did not have it on hand. Have you realized that you really never use some of the things in your RV? Get rid of them! Having an organized space is about having a comfortable space. What could be more uncomfortable than a cluttered RV that you'll be spending the next few days, weeks, or even months in? Organize your living space in a way that gives you easy access to the things you use often, but doesn't crowd your space.

Get the family excited about the upcoming voyages by getting them involved in the cleaning. Divide the responsibilities according to difficulty levels. The adults can be responsible for the mechanics and ensuring that all of the appliances are still working properly. There is a lot that goes into ensuring that all the mechanics function properly, so if you're not accustomed to handling the inner workings of your RV then definitely seek the help of a professional. The children can be responsible for cleaning the outside. They'll feel like they're making a contribution and will gain an appreciation for what goes into maintaining the family RV. Having the entire family work on the RV will help everyone develop a sense of togetherness and anticipation for the upcoming travel season. This is always a great way to start your travels.

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be looked at as a burden. Yes, there may be a lot of work required, but think of the reward that you'll get in the end: you will be ready for a new season of travels, your RV will be organized, and your family will be traveling with a sense of togetherness that makes any trip more enjoyable! So get out there and prepare your family (RV included) for new adventures and new bonds!

Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Clean the exterior and air out the interior of the RV
  • Check for insects in the interior
  • Look for deterioration and other signs of damage to the exterior and interior
  • Change all oils and filters along with spark plugs
  • Ensure the battery is functioning properly
  • Have the fuel injection system serviced
  • Have the water system flushed
  • Check the functionality of the generator and other appliances
  • Make sure all of the equipment is functioning properly (i.e. antennae, solar panels)
  • Rotate or replace tires
  • Reinstall fuses that may have been removed
  • Ensure that insurance coverage is valid and up-to-date

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