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Tips for Camping in the Rain

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Rainbow over a tentRainy weather and camping tend to be considered bad combination. However, it need not be if you're well prepared. Take a look at our tips for camping in the rain:

Check the Weather Forecast Before You Go

A less than ideal weather forecast does not mean abandoning your trip, but it does mean you need to be better prepared and plan your activities accordingly. Don't forget though that the forecast is not always entirely accurate, so being flexible is important.

If extreme weather is forecast, consider postponing your trip or look to see whether the campsites you've selected have alternative accommodations, such as cabins. If your camping trip is at a time of year or in an area where bad weather is likely, check the campsite's cancellation policy before you book just in case you have to cancel your trip at short notice because of severe weather.

Bring Appropriate Clothing

Garments such as waterproof clothing, not only raincoats, but waterproof trousers, rubber boots or waterproof walking boots are recommended. Don't forget to bring extra clothes in case your clothes do get wet. Check ahead of time to see if your campsite has onsite laundry facilities. Avoid umbrellas - they're a hazard in thunderstorms and can get caught in trees and branches if you're out walking!

Bring Appropriate Entertainment

See our article on Rainy day camping fun for lots of great ideas of how to have fun when it's raining.

Tips for Tent Campers

Of course if you're in an RV, you can always escape the rain, stay dry, warm and still prepare your meals, but what about if you're in a tent? Read on for more tips on camping in the rain with a tent:

  • Bring plenty of plastic bags. They are good for keeping your clothing and belongings dry and you can also put your wet and soiled clothes in them until you can get to a laundromat or back home
  • Don't touch the walls of your tent or place anything against them as the moisture can transfer from the walls to you and your belongings
  • Anyone for beef jerky? Bring along some food that doesn't require cooking. Using a camping stove inside a tent is dangerous. Check with your campsite in advance as to whether there are any nearby cafes or restaurants or if they have one on site
  • Location, location. Choose where you pitch your tent carefully. Avoid areas that are at the bottom of slopes or that have very soft ground underfoot as this may be evidence that this is where rainwater collects

Rain need not spell the end of your camping trip, whether in an RV or a tent; the key is to be prepared and be flexible with your plans. Knowing what to expect before you go and keeping an open mind can help too. Rain is all part of experiencing the great outdoors, so come with an open mind and the right attitude and you can still enjoy your well-earned camping road trip to the fullest!

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