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A dog sitting in front of a tentIt may be difficult to plan a family outing without including one of your best pals, your dog. The problem is that many families are apprehensive about exposing their four legged friends to so much open space. Following a few simple tips and careful planning can help you feel more secure about taking your dogs on an outdoor trip.

First and foremost, you should ensure that all of your pets' vaccinations are up to date. Primarily, this is for your dog's health, but you'll also want to be prepared for emergencies such as an altercation with another dog. This will keep your pet safe in the event that the other dog has not had their vaccines. Remember to bring a copy of their medical records as proof and be sure to bring a K-9 First Aid Kit along with any of their regular medications.

Your dog may not be used to being on the road for long periods of time and may suffer from motion sickness. If your dog's level of obedience permits it then let them roam around the RV without a crate - he can find a special spot and will probably be more comfortable.

To get them prepared try starting with a day trip. Gradually take longer outings and monitor their reactions to the trip and the environment. Don't forget to make extra stops for potty breaks.

There is a lot of open space when camping and, while dogs are typically good at finding their way back home, you don't want to take any chances. If your dog has a microchip then the identification tag is not necessary, but some campgrounds do require them. A temporary dog tag is your best alternative (remember to check the local regulations before heading out on any trips with your pets).

We have all been there - outside with our dog when something caught their eye and they were off before we knew it. Now depending on your dogs obedience a crate may not be necessary while outside, but a leash is a necessary minimum. You can tie an expandable leash , or two leashes, to a tree stump. The point is to allow them freedom to roam around without taking chances that something catches their eye and here we go again!

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We have two large dogs that we take camping with us all the time. Over the the many years we have never had any problems with having the dogs with us. One thing we do bring with us is a copy of both of our dogs up to date list of vaccinations from our Veterinarian. And yes once or twice we have been asked for them before we checked into to a couple campgrounds. One of them with the reason being that a few weeks before we arrived a small child was bitten and the owner of the dog had no collar with any vaccination tags on the dog and were from out of state. It sounded like things got very confusing and the child had to be taken to a near by fire station so the paramedics could take a look at the bite. And after a few long distance phone call the next day all was taken care of.

By Einar1 on 6/25/2019 11:11:56 AM
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