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Workamping - Employment for the Restless Wanderer

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A workamper couple

If you've never heard of Workamper News, buckle up. Their website posts all kinds of job opportunities across America for RVers who are looking for work that gives them the freedom to travel at leisure without going broke.

Workampers are "individuals, couples and families who have chosen a lifestyle that combines any kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping. A Workamper could be an employee, a business owner or a volunteer," says Steve Anderson, Editor of Workamper News. Workampers fill all kinds of positions, from part-time grounds keeping to full-time management roles. The majority of the jobs are in RV resorts and campgrounds, national and state parks, and wildlife preserves, as well as guest ranches, theme parks, and motor sports events.

According to a survey done by Workamper News in 2008, the average age of Workampers is 61-70, but the 51- to 60-year-olds are close behind. Over half of Workampers live the full-time mobile employment lifestyle year-round.

The greatest benefit of being a Workamper is being able to pack up and move out to another location with ease. Other advantages to this lifestyle that have been mentioned by Workampers are:

  • Reduced expenses like gas and campground fees.
  • The freedom to see family.
  • Perks like free attraction tickets and rig hook-ups.
  • Time for a vocation like boating, fishing or hiking.

Frances and James Burt, two veteran Workampers, enjoy the Workamper lifestyle because it enables them to supplement their Social Security income.

"One week ago today we decided that we might retire in June if there were truly jobs out there for camp hosts, etc. We just could not believe how much information and assistance we found [by purchasing the online subscription]. We applied for thirteen jobs that suited our interests and qualifications, and got five responses the following day. Two days later we closed the deal for a campground in the Colorado Rockies for our first summer job. We hadn't even applied for my husband's retirement benefits yet!! Thank you from the bottom of our gypsy hearts...we are now embarking on a dream we have had since talking to a camp host on our vacation ten years ago. You are totally awesome...."

If you're fed up with climbing the corporate ladder or if you spend your time at work daydreaming about how you'll spend your vacation days in the woods, at the beach, or touring in your RV, then perhaps a job as a Workamper would suit you better.

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