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The Yatoo Concept Redefines Car Camping

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Car camping is the next best thing for campers who can't afford to buy an RV, but would rather not give up their creature comforts on camping trips. With car camping, you get to make the experience as cozy as possible, bring as much gear as you can stow in the trunk of your vehicle, and minimize the need to rough it out as much as you can.

But in some ways, car camping can be inconvenient too. You only have so much space in the trunk of your car that you really have to stick to the essentials when packing for your camping trip. It can be a struggle to set up your tent, which can take up precious time that you could be spending hiking or relaxing by your campfire instead. Sleeping inside your car may not be so comfortable either.

If you're not willing to forsake comfort altogether while camping and you can't buy a glammed-up RV yet, it is still entirely possible for you to upgrade your camping experience. Check out the Yatoo Concept. It redefines car camping to address two major issues faced by car campers: space and comfort. Yatoo is a three-part camping system that transforms your vehicle into a camper without doing any modifications to it and without towing anything.

What are these three parts that make up the Yatoo system? They are:

1.  Lidoo - An in-car module that allows you to sleep in the back of your vehicle. It is made up of stackable wooden slats, a steel frame and inflatable mattresses. At bedtime, all you have to do is lay out the frame, unfold the slats, place the mattresses upon the slats and have a good night's sleep. Upon waking up, you just need to fold back the entire module and pack it in its case. You don't need any tools and it comes with window blinds customized to the make and model of your car.

2.  Tipoo - An expansion of the Lidoo. It is a tent you can use if you don't want to sleep in your car or if there are more than two people in your camping party. Tipoo measures 1.70m by 1.70m and can be expanded to 1.70m by 2.10m. It can fit two adults or three children comfortably. It comes with a detachable tailgate that connects the tent to the trunk of your car as well as a secondary roof that can serve as a secondary storage space. Tipoo assembles in a matter of seconds and does not require a frame.

3.  Kinoo - The cooking and shower module with two independent units. The first unit consists of a gas stove and a couple of small drawers for storing utensils. The other unit has a sink, a faucet/shower nozzle, and 20-liter holding tanks for fresh water and gray water.

These three modules in the Yatoo Concept will allow you to sleep more restfully at night on your camping trips. If you don't feel like cooking over a campfire, you can conveniently cook on a stove. And if you can't do without showering, you can have that comfort as well. Additionally, these modules are quite compact. They pack easily, they don't take a lot of space, and they give you more room to stow your other camping gear. You don't need any tools to set them up. Most importantly, you don't have to modify your vehicle just to be able to use any of these modules. And the modules are customized to fit standard car models. It all sounds very convenient, doesn't it?

Perhaps the one disadvantage that the Yatoo Concept has is these modules are not exactly cheap. They can be bought separately, starting at $690 for the Tipoo tent. If you want all three modules, you'll have to find $4,814.

For more information on the Yatoo Concept, check out the Yatoo website (it's in French).

The Yatoo Concept
The Yatoo Concept transforms any car into a camper.
Lidoo, Yatoo's in-car sleeping module
You can sleep more comfortably in your car on Lidoo.
Kinoo, Yatoo's kitchen and shower module
Cooking and washing up seems easier with Kinoo.
Tipoo, Yatoo's living space module
Tipoo fits two adults or three children.

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