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Little girl in RV playhouse
Little girl in RV playhouse

Every kid dreams of having a playhouse - a place where imagination can run wild, ideas can brew and all those special kid things (like twisted sticks and magic sorcerer stones found in the garden) can be safely stowed away from prying eyes of mom and dad! So instead of leaving your RV vacant and sitting in your driveway, why not turn it into a magical playhouse on wheels? We show you how to create a play space that will give the kids a little room of their own and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Firstly, remember that an RV is a recreational vehicle. Vehicles can be dangerous even if they are stationary, which means before letting the little ones play to their hearts' delight, it is important to think about safety. Here are five must do checks:

  1. Ensure that you have turned off and disconnected all gas, water, electric, and any pumps that may be in easy reach of sticky little fingers.
  2. Scan the space for danger spots that are age appropriate for your kids. For example, hanging blind cords, bulging cupboards that may be opened by a curious child, loose objects that could fall if climbed upon, sharp corners, and small knobs that can easily come loose.
  3. Remove or lock away all flammables like lighters and emergency flares, batteries, machinery, ropes and cords, poisonous materials, and other non-edible household chemicals.
  4. Affix child safety latches for bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets, doors, and windows.
  5. Show your kids how to open the RV doors to avoid pushing on the screen, popping it open, and tumbling out.

Once the RV interior is safe, it's time to have fun creating a cool kid space. This could be a great project for you and your children. Tap into their imagination as you decorate. A wannabe astronaut will need an RV rocket, a tiara-wearing princess must have a four-wheeled castle, and every horse-loving kid needs a stable for his hoofed friends. Here are a handful of bright ideas to turn the RV into a great space for kids:

  1. Add a colorful floor rug to make playing on the floor a little more comfy.
  2. Use see-through plastic storage boxes, drawers or a storage chest to store toys, artwork supplies, dress-ups, and anything else the little ones love.
  3. Make it feel like a home away from home with art work on the walls.
  4. Work with your little ones to write a set of "RV Playhouse Rules" that gets posted on the fridge. (For example: All adults must knock before entering!)
  5. Get a pair of walkie-talkies for communication from home base to RV.
  6. Add a little cookie jar for playtime snacks.
  7. Reuse holiday decorations to turn the RV into a magical playroom.
  8. Stock the shelves with books to encourage some quiet time reading.

It was Albert Einstein, after all, who said, "imagination is more important than knowledge", so let your kids run away with theirs. Put that RV to good use during the off season and let your kids have some fun with a place they can truly call their own and give them a (safe) place space to think, imagine and play.

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