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QUQUQ: An RV in a Box

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RVs are unbeatable when it comes to providing travellers and camping enthusiasts with all the comfort and convenience of home while still making them feel as though they're off on a grand adventure. RV owners sing praises for their RVs, trumpeting their benefits, such as easy traveling, more opportunities for family bonding, and allowing people to see more of the country up close on their way to their destination.

However, not everyone has the room (or the cash) for an RV. And if you're a solo traveller most of the time or if you mainly travel with one or two other people, an RV may be a little excessive. That doesn't mean that only RV owners can enjoy the convenience of the campground. Fortunately, camping modules such as the QUQUQ camping box allow people to transform their vehicles into mini-campers complete with every camping necessity.

Here are some of the key features of the QUQUQ:

1.  Cooking drawer - This houses a two-burner gas stove and a windshield to protect the flame from the breeze. You can pull this out easily and have a functioning stove ready for you to use if you're not in the mood to cook over an open fire. When opened, the back door of the box serves as a table.

2.  Storage - The QUQUQ has different compartments that you can use for any purpose. For example, a shelf is located underneath the stove; you can use this as your mini pantry or to store any cooking equipment. The middle compartment can be used to store your belongings, and there's even a small space that can fit two folding chairs.

3.  Water supply - The QUQUQ comes with two 10-liter jugs which you can use for your water supply. In addition, two stainless steel bowls are also available for use as your sinks for washing and rinsing.

4.  Bed - The three-piece cold foam mattress is folded on top of the wooden chest. Folded out it measures 43 x 77 x 4-inch (110 x 195 x 10-cm). When it's time for you to go to sleep, all you have to do is unfold it, making sure that the passenger seats are folded forward, and secure the mattress by tying the two ropes to the seatbelt holder. Cotton fitted sheets are also provided.

The QUQUQ is ready for the outdoors as it's made of waterproof plywood, aluminium, and stainless steel, which makes it a sturdy camping companion. It's also fairly lightweight at 132 pounds; two people can carry it and place it in the rear compartment easily. It is designed to fit a number of vehicles; the QUQUQ website identifies mostly European vehicles, but as long as you have a van or an SUV, this camping module should be a good fit.

Another one of the main attractions of the QUQUQ is its simplicity. It doesn't involve any assembly and you don't need to modify your vehicle. All you really need to do is to stash it in the rear compartment and you're all set. Such simplicity, however, can be a drawback for some people who are looking for every possible amenity while camping. Unlike the Swiss Roombox and Yatoo, for example, the QUQUQ doesn't provide any shower or bathroom facilities.

Other than that, the QUQUQ is a reliable, all-in-one camping equipment. It also comes with a relatively attractive price tag: $2,900.

Check out the QUQUQ website for more information (be sure to select the English language version.)

The QUQUQ fits easily in the back of a van or an SUV.
The QUQUQ fits easily in the back of a van or an SUV.
QuQuQ with stove, compartments and mattress, in a vehicle
The QUQUQ packs sleeping, cooking, cleaning and storage into a large chest
QuQuQ foam mattress sits on top on your folded car seats
The three-piece bed sits on top of your folder car seats and straps to the seatbelt hardware for support

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